11. september 2017:

Glaze fire - Week 36

Glaze fire before
Glaze fire
Glaze fire after

14. july 2017:

Just out of the kiln.

10. maj 2017:

More Baptismal Candleholders for the Churches of Samsø.

6. marts 2017:

Now at “Gilberts” VestMarked. Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen. They also have great coffee :)

8. februar 2017:

The new valves works .

5. januar 2017:

The January issue of de kleine K has been published last week. Your contribution has made it an interesting and worthwhile issue. You may download it from one of the de kleine K links below.
Thank you so much for your cooperation!

Thank you “de kleine K” for showing one of my bowls, page 29, in the January issue.“de kleine K” is a ceramic trade magazine from Holland.

Se magasin k25

2. januar 2017:

HAPPY NEW YEAR – Back to basic !